An Elf’s Story Trailer

The official trailer for the spectacular animated Christmas special!

elf on the shelf story

25 responses to “An Elf’s Story Trailer”

  1. Meebles Sporella says:

    Love elf magic! I hope you like MY ELF ON SHELF VIDEOS!

  2. Kaleigh M says:

    like the video i miss my elf nicky

  3. ItzCassieFan1 says:

    My elf on the shelf came for my birthday, and is staying until Christmas

  4. emily Lindsey says:

    hey i have an elf on the shelf i got it last year for christmas but when i
    registered it and set it out ( i didn’t touch it) it wouldn’t move and i
    really want it to my friends move but mine doesn’t any advice?? please

  5. beccaboo211994 says:

    This is an actual book I read as a child its awesome and I love it so u
    pols that hatin go somewhere else cause ur not worth chippys time 🙂

  6. Jaclyn McGreevy says:

    i don’t like you moddhroom

  7. Mary Hicks says:

    I miss my elf’s Jingle and Ginger so bad I can’t wait till December

  8. Victini UnBoxer says:

    I miss my elf Kevie so much!!!

  9. agdolls09 says:

    I miss my elf

  10. supersnowyangel says:

    Way over hyped. Not as good at all. The elf on the shelf is staying there.

  11. Juliet Ashcraft says:

    I can’t wait ’till this December when we get our elf back, Tucker!! lol

  12. modshroom says:

    looks like bullshit used to specifically get kids to buy more of this one
    specific toy. the animation looks terrible.

  13. Lollipop07642 says:

    there is no top comment, so if u like this there will be! 😀

  14. emily Lindsey says:

    where is that

  15. WhiteOwlBlunt says:

    @fuzzybear4000 an*

  16. KamrynSanamo says:

    Mine Is named alvin!!

  17. Diamond Sneakers says:

    i have a elf

  18. xXEmoLonerXx says:

    O-O XD

  19. omgitzarii says:

    i have the elf!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. modshroom says:

    @jarocha6 no such thing kid

  21. Sammy K says:

    @royalbarbiechannel Take it to the elf hospital

  22. Laura Wilson says:

    I saw this dvd on website and i love elves, saw this and i know im
    definetly going to buy it. It’s amazing !!

  23. prencess peach says:

    I miss my elf nick so much

  24. ToniAnn726 says:

    @miches985 Its comes out on DVD November 26

  25. PoweredByROBLOX says:

    My mom said they are going too far, and they should just stick to the
    regular tratition kit. Not me!!

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