Elf on the Shelf Classroom Ideas

Ok, Elf on the Shelf teachers, what elf plans do you have this year?? I am just a novice, but there are some really amazing elf on the shelf classroom teache…
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25 responses to “Elf on the Shelf Classroom Ideas”

  1. Violin Music says:

    That Elf is real! Don’t touch it! Get a plush! Those a able to touch but
    they are real! Don’t trick your kids!

  2. tiffany star says:

    Not to be rude but your not allowed to touch the elf 

  3. brett zebron says:

    Where can I go buy one at elf on the shelf

  4. Veleria Orlaiineta says:

    Stop touching it you killed it I’m reporting you to the police I’m serious
    my dads best friend is the sherif so today you’re going to jale 

  5. Danielle McIlwain says:

    Put an elf on someone’s desk and have their pencil can be out and put the
    elf in the pencil case with his feet sticking out

  6. Chris C says:

    If you have a tree bring it to the class elves like to sit on the tree

  7. Lynn Almond says:


  8. Michelle Bartolotta says:

    you can touch ielf on shelf when it doesn’t have a name because it doesn’t
    have any magic once it gets it’s name it now has magic so don’t touch it
    after that

  9. walter arroyo says:
  10. Victor Hugo says:

    CUTE ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

  11. jennifer liston says:

    Make cookies for the kids then decorate them and have her like start to eat
    a cookie

  12. Jake Thurman says:

    I have an elf and it is a boy but me and my moma are going to by a fake one
    that looks real but I can touch it

  13. Sammy Q says:

    Your touching her idiot

  14. Laimheloc Haddock says:

    Best video ever

  15. Alec Draper says:

    I thot the elf was reel

  16. Clarissa Chan says:

    I don’t understand why children are watching this, and they start
    complaining about how Tabitha ruined their childhood. I’m twelve, and I
    only saw this video cause my mom is a teacher. Why would kids even search
    up this video? I think it’s their fault they watched it, and Tabitha
    Carroll is only trying to go live ideas to teachers!!! Thank you Tabitha
    Carroll for all your videos. My mom loves them .

  17. Kelsey Teets says:

    I am not a teacher but they move by them selves and you can’t touch them
    even adults can’t touch em duh 

  18. ilovemyhusky makayla young says:

    Its real your making it look fake

  19. KittyCatNerd1112 says:

    My sisters First grade teachers are doing the same thing

  20. Kristin Hancock says:

    i thought you cant touch it

  21. Bouncybunny565 says:

    So cute

  22. ilovemyhusky makayla young says:

    You can’t touch the elf other whose it will lose it magic I had one and I
    touched it to meany times but I got a new one its at the north pole

  23. Brody Seibert says:
  24. Niya randolph says:

    I thought you were not allowed to touch a elf on a self

  25. LPSsongbird05 says:

    OMG IM A KID :O D’:

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