Elf on the Shelf || Elf on the Shelf Peed in the Milk

Elf on the Shelf || Elf on the Shelf Peed in the Milk

Our kids had trouble finding him at first. Turns out he peed in our milk changing it’s colour. The Elf Tradition Have you ever wondered how Santa knows who i…

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19 responses to “Elf on the Shelf || Elf on the Shelf Peed in the Milk”

  1. Hannah kk says:

    He can make green milk

  2. April Bison says:

    Is so freking funny tell the elf he i asome

  3. Kim Gustafson says:

    My elf knocked over the angle at the top of the x mas tree and then he was
    sitting on top poor angle her head came off I still have it and is July 11

  4. Bianca Connelly says:

    OMG sooo funny!

  5. Baylee Estes says:


  6. Baylee Estes says:

    oops spelled elf wrong

  7. Hannah kk says:


  8. Brooklynn@1905gmail.com Poole says:

    Are u moving him? That’s not right 

  9. beth harkness says:

    Eww if it peed in my milk not going in the frige anymore

  10. regan Jackson says:


  11. Brooke says:

    Lucky my cousin had one that peed green in the milk

  12. Wesley Lester says:

    Ewwwwwwwwwwww. :):):) ewwwwwwwwwwww

  13. Kayleigh Frank says:

    Well it wasn’t pee the elf mixes something with the milk I’m not sure if
    you drink it though

  14. David Mahon says:

    I love all of your where do you live tell your kids I. Love. Them and tell
    e what they said 

  15. Heather McHale says:

    ha ha so funny.

  16. Al Voisine says:

    Damien wouldn’t eat green spaghetti either…. LOL

  17. Jenny Whitt says:

    He peed in the milk

  18. Abigail Weaver says:

    my elf is named jinglebells when I got it I was gonna name it carol bell
    till my cousin said name it jinglebells kingsville stole the vestal and
    brownies and he ate more brownies when I left to theaters

  19. Abigail Weaver says:

    on saturday 14 december 2013 unfound my elf above my bed or my head because
    there’s a clock shelf above my bed and it was there SITTING ABOVE MY HEAD
    well its there because the Christmas tree is in me and my brothers because
    the room is the living room

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