Elf On The Shelf Explained By People Who Don’t Have Kids

An estimated 6 million copies of Elf on the Shelf have sold since 2005. The toy is hugely popular among parents with small kids. But we wanted to know what p…
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elf on the shelf names

25 responses to “Elf On The Shelf Explained By People Who Don’t Have Kids”

  1. Jake Thurman says:

    U just ruind my 8 year old life

  2. welovepets andfilming says:

    rude i have an elf you know so be nice he is not scary

  3. Amy Aquije says:

    Im nine and saw this video, and I’m happy I never planned on getting one
    and never wanted to. 

  4. funster5031 says:

    doesn’t that guy work at college humor

  5. Hannah Jo says:

    wow… didn’t know that

  6. Z Mendoza says:

    1:26 insta-crush… what is your name good sir

  7. freya disrud says:


  8. Biguss Dickus says:

    Why not just put a life size clown in the corner next to the green night
    light and a tape playing on a continuous loop of a man breathing heavily.

  9. Kirsten Garcia says:

    But he’s not scary he’s just a lil nice kind elf

  10. Zikschive says:

    0:12 Look at those little legs.

  11. Jailyn Eddy says:

    Mine was free!! I got it from Santa!!

  12. bigmattman2005 says:

    A holiday that originated in the year 354 AD, and this elf comes out in
    2005. I’m pretty sure that for the 1,651 years of celebrating this holiday
    prior to Elf on the Shelf, the kids didn’t need some doll to reinforce
    “being good”.

    What a waste of money.

  13. Lorretta Lu says:

    This is my brother im 8

  14. Kate NotGettingThis says:

    My ten y/o sister has two of those.

    And she believes the crap outta them.

  15. Wilford Warfstashe says:

    Me and my brother said that the elf was watching my little sister and if
    she was bad, she would get sticks and rocks for christmas and that the elf
    would haunt her every day afterwards, and she is always bad, so we wrapped
    a box full of, obviously, sticks and rocks from outside with wrapping paper
    different from all of the other presents and wrote “From Santa and The Elf”
    on the front then put it under the tree on Christmas Eve and gave it to her
    before the other presents and said the other ones were all my other little
    cousin’s, and we recorded it but just said to “remember the holidays,” and
    let’s just say, BEST CHRISTMAS EVER

  16. Oboe Chimcham says:

    My housemates had The Elf on the Shelf. It really freaked out their six
    year old daughter, and she was really irritating… So, I would move the
    Elf around while she was sleeping. Once I put it in her toy chest,
    strangling a Barbie doll. Since she thought it moved on its own, she
    totally freaked out. Her parents got rid of the elf, but I salvaged it. So,
    I put it into a box and wrapped it up for Christmas, with a little note
    inside saying, “Never Forget.” Needless to say, the elf was burned. I plan
    on getting one next Christmas and covering it with soot…

  17. Cristi Evans says:

    Your not supos to touch it

  18. Kirsten Garcia says:

    Hehehe i had one before it was cute and its funny idk if its real but I
    think it is

  19. Alexis Liscio says:

    Lol watch ur kids more like stalk ur kids 

  20. Lorretta Lu says:

    You cant touch it

  21. thereaderbug says:

    I have kids and I think that thing is creepy! There will never be one in
    my house!

  22. yasmine farias says:

    Nooo you can’t touch him or he loses his magic ! :,( 

  23. Amber Lilly says:

    my grandmother did this phobia of elfs XD

  24. welovepets andfilming says:

    excuse me that was extramly

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