Elf on the Shelf filmed Live Action: A Magical flight to the North Pole

Our Elf on the Shelf whose name is Pepe comes to life and filmed flying as he heads to the North Pole but not before saying hello to Dylan and Kiara. Merry C…

elf on the shelf names

25 responses to “Elf on the Shelf filmed Live Action: A Magical flight to the North Pole”

  1. Candylovesparkle says:

    That was so adorable!!! And very professionally done!! Made me Beleive for
    a moment;)

  2. Shane Toon says:

    Amazing effects dude!

  3. angel cuevas says:

    nice vid :)

  4. Superwolf Wylie says:

    That is so cool

  5. Gwynn Oak says:


  6. iApplee ROBLOX says:

    That’s really awesome. When the elf blinked, I was like Holy- than he flew
    off. That’s like… REALLY GREAT VIDEO. People would want to see this
    video. Thanks for making this!

  7. Evie Hampton says:

    awesome vid:) got a sub!

  8. Briana Nichole says:


  9. Rebeca Pescina says:

    It’s fake but so kewl and cute and amazing and beautiful and glittery and
    shimmery and everything 

  10. theripers123 says:

    It is real because u can’t touch your elf

  11. Jill Esterson says:

    My friend can touch her elfs santa gave her pemission

  12. Emily Paula says:

    It looked like he didn’t have a head

  13. beth harkness says:

    Love it sooo cute

  14. Matthew Morris says:


  15. felipa torres says:

    totally fake because u cant video tape on earth

  16. Nicholas Teitler says:


  17. Eric Ridgeway says:

    like the animation but wheres the head

  18. Timothy Mosley says:


  19. Jordan W says:

    my elf on the shelfs name is epic and mines pretty funny

  20. Tabitha Howell says:

    Kinda cute! Our little elf is mischievous lol 

  21. Killer Creeper says:

    look its apost to be fake and easy but it wos a thing t5o say merry

  22. duckwham3000 says:

    it looks like he’s headless for a moment when he flies….

  23. Donald Vicki Behie says:

    what happened to its head look closely a the head when it is flying you can
    clearly see it is gone 

  24. isa Alarcon says:

    Omg some people are christmas killers saying it’s fake. Children are
    watching this have a heart. If you think its fake okay but do that for
    other things like Miley cyrus, we know the wrecking ball is fake. So have a

  25. Madeline Miller says:

    Why did he loose his head

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