Elf On The Shelf Review

My Very First Elf On The Shelf My Elfs Name Is Oliver “Jingles” Elf.
Video Rating: 2 / 5
elf on the shelf names

13 responses to “Elf On The Shelf Review”

  1. Ronald Smith says:

    Then you say elf in a elf

  2. Carlee Angel says:

    I have 2 elves

  3. Nicole sabrina says:

    Lol so dumb

  4. TheSwagmaster209 says:

    you can touch it too get it out the box I have 5 elfs

  5. Michelle Antonio says:

    I have 2 they are awesome

  6. nola7235 says:

    Not the one that sells drugs.

  7. nola7235 says:

    It’s ok. I’m not being mean. 🙂

  8. Amy AJ says:

    a elf from a drug store? o-o

  9. GAMEZZ says:


  10. Ronald Smith says:

    The elf does drugs if it’s from the drug store

  11. Carlee Angel says:

    That’s so cool!

  12. Kaitlin Puppielover says:

    does anyone have 10?

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