Elf On The Shelf- Week 1

PART TWO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-pyBnTRQbI For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Elf on the Shelf tradition: Have you ever wondered how San…

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25 responses to “Elf On The Shelf- Week 1”

  1. Epurope says:

    2:26 eww you let him eat it…

  2. ummmiloveu says:

    the elf is so cute! ^_^

    u r so funny to have buddy doing all those things!

  3. Crystal Dutton says:

    OMG your a great mom! Love this!

  4. mrdeansden says:

    We made an Elf on the Shelf parody song (no foul language, just clean fun),
    please check it out on our channel!

  5. D Roberts says:

    so cute wow buddys so cute and cool

  6. McSugarface says:

    You need to feed it otherwise it does stuff with toilet paper just like on
    day 5.

  7. Drake Gagne says:

    our elf Dasher came on 11/17/13 he dosent do anything he just sits during
    th day

  8. 007CammanDoesMinecraft says:

    mine came back 12/1/13 (i like this vid it is cool)

  9. Makenna Jones says:

    The toilet paper thing happened to us 

  10. Jennifer Martinez says:


  11. bboyyodaj16 says:

    mine followed me to school

  12. Ca H says:

    Where can you buy those elfs?

  13. ayden joness says:

    I named mine Buddy too!!

  14. E Winston says:

    That was so nice to watch. 

  15. Cupcakes says:


  16. Emily Paula says:

    Sadly my elf doesnt do cool stuff like that

  17. Evilbrokoli312 says:

    Mine is named jhonny jim jim francis

  18. Michael Sanaghan says:

    Gotta love them I wish my elf was naughty, he’s pretty boring

  19. mya bransome says:

    He also goes to the North Pole to report if they have been good or nice but
    I bet they have been nice.

  20. Baker Street Babe says:

    Awe!! what a beautiful tradition. They are so taken with the Elf. Your sons
    have such wonderful smiles and personalities. Bless your family. <3

  21. twoamazingirlz says:


  22. Robert Paris says:

    I want my elf to do that :(

  23. ADRIAN MENDEZ says:

    my elf came on thanksgiving he moves in night and sits in day is that cool

  24. katelyn w says:

    my elf jingle ate my jingerbreadhouse but the next day she made anew ginger
    bread house

  25. laura chase says:

    my elf went where the knife holder is and holding on to one… he looks
    like a killer really!!!!

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