Elf on The Shelf- Week 2

So many of y’all enjoyed our Week 1 Elf on the Shelf video (click here to watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAmeqxL5ECg ) and requested more, so here …
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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25 responses to “Elf on The Shelf- Week 2”

  1. LPSTV-55!!*8 says:

    My elfs name is Candice

  2. MF Smith says:

    My elf came last night during the day ??? Are they suppose to come during
    the day??? My elf is a girl her name is cloe

  3. ariana butler says:

    Not cool yo not cool!

  4. Patrick Getchell says:


  5. KarlieCupcake says:

    Mines name is buddy

  6. Gia Barros says:

    I want a ekf and that el» on the shelf reads this come to my house

  7. McKenna JAJA says:

    My elf is Candy cane and today he was sitting on the couch watching TV with

  8. marleny sloan says:

    They only time she wasnt on a candle was the christmas tree

  9. taylor thomas says:

    My elf is named jimmy and I have another elf named lucy

  10. Benji Johnson-Baines says:

    I think 1:41 he touched it

  11. Lily Pug says:


  12. Joel Canchola says:

    I believe in magic my hole life

  13. ghanstein says:

    My elf is named Ralph and today he was resting with my sock monkeys in
    their bed! He gave me a santa monkey…

  14. Sterling Fowler says:

    My elf on the shelf opened a sealed m&m bag and ate half of the bag

  15. Paczki Baby says:

    I want my elf to bring me a present

  16. Chloe Kintner says:

    Omg I love it!

  17. jay miller says:

    the mom is boring

  18. Lynne Murray says:

    I loved it

  19. Madeline Miller says:

    And at 1:55

  20. Hayden Thompson says:

    Ours brought candy from the North Pole 

  21. Jenna S says:

    Your kids r adorable. I named my elf Buddy too! But ur elf does a lot of
    funny things!!!

  22. AGdolls Rfun says:

    Awesome make more

  23. Maxime Marquis says:

    I wan’t one

  24. LambieTheLamb says:

    mines name is eddie

  25. Kira Jacobs says:

    I like almond milk!

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