Mickey Mouse Cartoon — The Barn Dance (March 14, 1929)

Mickey wants to take Minnie to a dance, but Pete’s flashy car beats Mickey’s horse-drawn wagon as her transportation of choice. At the dance, Mickey uses some balloons to make himself light on his feet – the perfect dancing partner – but this doesn’t keep Minnie at his side for long, either.
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25 responses to “Mickey Mouse Cartoon — The Barn Dance (March 14, 1929)”

  1. jelirestri says:

    3:45 LOL I’m afraid I dance like that.

  2. thealien2020 says:

    minnie fucken oportunistic gold digga bitch lol skank horrrrrrrr

  3. logstrain says:

    82 years and bitches still aint shit

  4. thaily29 says:

    Pobre Mickey!!!!!!!! 🙁

  5. FortuneAndGlory94 says:

    Mickey and Pete = Popeye and Bluto

  6. ScaryMousePublic says:

    when mickey cries, it makes me cry ;(

  7. KrazyKacophony says:

    He lost? poor Mickey.. Minnie, you BITCH! D8<

  8. gabito0296 says:

    coming soon: 5th cartoon; suicide mickey

  9. blubirdstudioz says:


  10. blubirdstudioz says:

    also ppl calm down its just a cartoon. when i was 4 an saw jerry mouse cut off tom’s tail i didnt go out and cut off my kitties tail. they make it seem that kids that are from 2 – 21 are stupid, ignorrant, and so easy to munipulate now. i find it kind of insulting

  11. blubirdstudioz says:

    omg first of all minnie should know that going with peteis a bad idea cause, he will eventually eat her. and mickey is too darn cute!!! also i love horse drawn carriages

  12. MONSTER2831 says:


  13. LucasMidkiff says:

    So much better than that steaming pile of computer animated horse shit known as “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.”

  14. billybackd00r says:

    @mmab357 its a cartoon theyre meant to be funny and if you would open your eyes you would see that everything dosent need a second agenda

  15. XXRAMMSTEINXX007 says:

    Oh my god this old cartoons are wonderfull!

  16. Josh1758 says:

    thumbs up if you think minnies a cock tease

  17. Rixera says:

    whoa i had no idea minnie was a golddigging bitch

  18. Wearmeoutaccessories says:

    This is funny people need to chill out!…lol

  19. KrazyKartoonKid says:

    @mmab357 I’m really getting sick and tired of people on Youtube slamming classic cartoons. You need to open YOUR eyes. This cartoon was made more than 80 years ago and it portrays a different sense of humor. I’d chose this over the cartoons of today as they are much much worse

  20. mmab357 says:

    You think this is good work? This portrays nothing good nor favorable. Children watch this and through this crap were taught, sex, cruelty, etc. You think putting a 50lb weight on a horses tail and then pulling his neck out of his body is funny. Open your eyes!

  21. packaderm135 says:

    wow mickey loses for once

  22. LauziieDauziie says:

    Awesome. =D I’m in the same boat as you, but I’m focusing more on illustrating at the moment xD
    But It’s about time someone brought back animation like this!
    All the best to you with that! 🙂

  23. TheCreator4 says:

    @LauziieDauziie I want to become an animator, and with influences like this i hope I’ll be able to bring that special quality back into my animation in the future 🙂

  24. LauziieDauziie says:

    I agree with you.
    No one seem to have any respect for original methods of animation.
    Cartoons today just seem to lack in simple creativity. To be honest, I feel sorry for the younger generation. =/
    Just good to know there are some people out there who respect these types of animation today.

  25. Funkermonster says:

    This looks a bit like the remake of Oswald’s cartoon, ‘Rival Romeos”.

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