Mickey Mouse Down Under

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mickey mouse

Here’s the Theme to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Channel. Enjoy!

mickey mouse

49 responses to “Mickey Mouse Down Under”

  1. stellaluna92 says:

    I love how instead of an emu they have an ostrich.

  2. indigopeach says:

    Ostriches live in Africa, not Australia.

  3. KingOfPopDisney92 says:

    A boomerang with personality…I like it! 😀

  4. OoOKrazyGirlOoO says:

    The boomerang rocks :3

  5. Aleque says:

    Who is not wearing purity ring ha-ha?

  6. TheSuperDisneyfanati says:

    I love how Mickey and Pluto together never have the best luck

  7. farha2010 says:

    that boomerang reminds me of when my friend she had a friend name ted he was nice but my friend threw the boomerang at ted but at the back and he scream like a girl and i was crazy.lool.

  8. LizW77 says:


  9. loyboys says:

    they are in queensland!

  10. lovetigrezz says:

    I love the old mickey mouse with pluto it’s better than the new one

  11. pucca12a says:

    Scary ostrich D:

  12. smellsyjane says:

    this brought back so many childhood memories 🙂

  13. casandra08love says:

    in my beautiful

  14. randiw0423 says:

    Wweehbjbjbhgebenv bbhincwyuhgvugvjqgavabaiwhwbwjgwbwwhwwjhwb wnq

  15. jvfunn3000 says:

    LOVE IT!

  16. Roxfernandotorreslfc says:

    I love this espisdoe

  17. rmnhn says:

    @MarcSola7 very nice detail. always knew they were in australia, but not exactly where…

  18. TheHellRaider says:

    @rmnhn all boomerangs have attitude!

  19. MarcSola7 says:

    I reckon that they are somewhere in Queensland, because Queensland has a tropical environment, which explains the bananas in this movie. As for the ostrich, well them and the emu’s are distant cousins in the bird category.

  20. 365rl says:

    I first saw this on my “My Disney Kitchen” computer game. When they revealed a recipe for “Pizza Men,” they showed the clip of the boomerang in Pluto’s mouth, and it always makes me LOL!

    It’s also interesting that this was the 1st cartoon w/ Jim McDonald as Mickey when Walt couldn’t do it anymore.

  21. RobbytheLion says:

    Are they in Australia? I’m not sure but I don’t think bananas grow in Australia do they? Also ther’es an ostritch. They must be in Africa.

  22. andymate2006 says:

    That Boomerang reminds me of my year 7 school excursion. My friend through a boomerang. He threw it perfectly but it started coming back. It almost hit his head but he ducked just in time. After it went past him we heard a smash and some screaming. When we looked back it hit the frosted glass window of the girls toilets. lol.

  23. JessJ06 says:

    this is the funnes show i ever saw!!!!!!

  24. jtomally9681 says:

    LMAO. I love that boomerang.

  25. rmnhn says:

    that boomerang has attitude…

  26. Ubermonkeyspoon says:

    my friend has this thing on her T.V. so that it turns on every morning when she needs to wake up. SHe wakes up every day to M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e xD

  27. Kristanni20X6 says:

    Mickey’s Clubhouse looks like a mess. Is it supposed to resemble him? I mean his
    hand” isn’t even connected to the rest of the building.

  28. KelvongKlein says:

    Warning!! The birthday of Mickey is 18 November, in numerology it means 18 = 9, November = 11, so it means 911!! The illuminati’s is using mickey to hide their big agenda in this world. To controlling children using this subliminal programming in the preparation for the ‘New World Order’ so to all mi amigos be prepared and be steadfast!!! Just see the positioning of the two ears, it is always perpendicular to the viewer whenever mickey is turning his head!

  29. thelonelygoth says:

    My daughter Kaylee is a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ADDICT!! lol

  30. MsSaj96 says:

    My brother Loves it and he’s just 4 months LoL 😀

  31. GypsyAlexLee10 says:


  32. 102gab says:

    Cum inside! Its fun inside!

  33. MegaMariam1986 says:

    my baby nephew loves this song and the show!!!

  34. Dontchuever says:

    Thumbs up if youre playying this for a baby

  35. kitykat0324 says:

    im a teenager and I absolutly love this show

  36. USNSeels says:

    I was looking for the full metal jacket version

  37. MrEBOYeBOY says:

    tvy or what,C

  38. mileycyruscrazy101 says:


  39. oheyimkim says:


  40. THESWAGCHANNEL765 says:


  41. bruyeresrock says:


  42. aestrangel says:

    @dcizik : werd

  43. cod4677 says:

    hey harry

  44. sailorohope4life says:

    love this! it keeps my son entertained when nothing else can!

  45. chuliz96 says:

    i dont have a bby with me i juss like mickey nd im 16 hahah im childiish i noe

  46. overkllassasin249 says:

    come inside its suicide!

  47. InsaneTechnoKitty says:

    Mickey Mouse is beast. 😀

  48. xXElena1648Xx says:

    @ChrisHernandezJr this is so true! i watch this show on weekday mornings before i go to the bus stop! lol (im 15)

  49. CurleyFries2011 says:

    721 a haters on Mickey Mouse don’t be hating on mi Husband he sexy and you guys know it like if you know you not a hater on Mickey Mouse!!1 I watch mickey mouse 😀

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